Helping Value Maritime to Succeed

Helping Value Maritime to Succeed

Helping Value Maritime to Succeed

Helping Value Maritime to Succeed

Revolutionizing Maritime Sustainability with IoT

Revolutionizing Maritime Sustainability with IoT

Revolutionizing Maritime Sustainability with IoT

Revolutionizing Maritime Sustainability with IoT


Value Maritime stands at the forefront of maritime innovation with its patented CO2 capture device, designed to enable vessels to use lower-grade oil while adhering to stringent CO2 emission regulations. This groundbreaking technology not only reduces operational costs but also transforms vessel exhaust into a valuable resource for greenhouse agriculture. This case study delves into how BACE IoT's solutions empowered Value Maritime to navigate challenges and achieve unprecedented sustainability milestones.


Value Maritime's pioneering approach faced significant operational and technical challenges:

  • Limited Connectivity at Sea: Vessels often spend extended periods at sea without connectivity, making it impossible to transmit data for up to a month.

  • Need for Precise CO2 Measurement: Accurate CO2 measurement onboard vessels and within greenhouses was crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the CO2 capture device and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Offline Data Storage: A reliable offline data storage solution was required to record CO2 levels during periods without connectivity.


BACE IoT provided a robust and innovative solution tailored to Value Maritime's unique needs:

  • BACE Plus Gateway Integration: The BACE Plus gateway was integrated with environmental sensors and CO2 capture battery equipment using the Modbus TCP protocol, ensuring precise monitoring and control of CO2 levels.

  • Satellite Connectivity: By connecting the BACE Plus gateway to the vessel's local area network, which in turn was linked to satellite connectivity solutions like Starlink, Value Maritime could ensure continuous data transmission capabilities, even in the middle of the ocean.

  • Offline Storage Capability: The BACE Plus gateway was equipped with offline storage, allowing for the collection and retention of CO2 measurement data during periods of no connectivity. This data could then be transmitted once a connection was re-established.


The deployment of BACE IoT's technology aboard Value Maritime's vessels brought forth a host of benefits:

  • Continuous CO2 Monitoring: Enhanced ability to monitor CO2 intake and capture efficiency throughout the transport time, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

  • Expanded Service Offerings: The ability to provide additional services to customers, including detailed environmental impact reports and compliance data, adding value and strengthening customer relationships.

  • Increased Cargo Visibility: Improved visibility into cargo content, allowing for better management of resources and further optimization of the CO2 capture process.

  • Sustainability Achievements: By effectively capturing and repurposing CO2 emissions, Value Maritime not only met but advanced its sustainability goals, contributing to a healthier planet and setting a new standard in maritime environmental responsibility.


Value Maritime's collaboration with BACE IoT marks a significant leap forward in maritime sustainability efforts. Through innovative IoT solutions, Value Maritime has demonstrated that environmental responsibility and operational efficiency can go hand in hand, paving the way for a greener future in maritime transportation.

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