Helping Koninklijke Landmacht to Succeed

Helping Koninklijke Landmacht to Succeed

Helping Koninklijke Landmacht to Succeed

Helping Koninklijke Landmacht to Succeed

Monitoring Body Temperature

Monitoring Body Temperature

Monitoring Body Temperature

Monitoring Body Temperature

Use Case

During heavy physical activity it can be hard to distinguish between being fatigued or overheated. EVALAN was therefore asked to develop an accurate and reliable heat monitoring solution. The result: The ARMOR Heat Monitor.

The ARMOR Heat Monitor collects heart rate data, estimates the core body temperature and Physiological Strain Index (PSI) with the patented ECTemp algorithm and identifies in real time when there is an increased risk of heat related injury. The system then provides immediate feedback and warning signals so that action can be taken to prevent heat injury.


During strenuous activity, the human body generates heat. The body then tries to dissipate excess heat through sweat to prevent the core temperature from rising too much.  

Insulating or protective clothing, heavy gear, or intense physical activity, as well as high humidity, hot temperatures or lack of wind can prevent the body from dissipating sufficient heat, thus making the core body temperature rise to unhealthy levels and causing heat injury. 

Heat-related injury takes many forms and can be serious. These range from mild symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and temporary disorientation to life-threatening injuries such as permanent brain or organ damage. Severe heatstroke can even sometimes be fatal. 

Due to unprecedented heatwaves, every year there are increased victims of heat injuries worldwide. Soldiers, endurance athletes, firefighters, industrial and construction workers are particularly at risk of heat injury. 


BACE Go is a wearable device for soldiers that monitors the heart beat using a Bluetooth heatbeat sensor. The data is processed using the patented ECTemp algorithm that estimates a precise body core temperature.

With the application, the system automatically provides feedback and signals overheating.


ARMOR is an accurate and non-invasive system. Due to its ease of use, it is widely applicable to all kinds of professions with a risk of heat injury including:

‣ Military
‣ Endurance athletes
‣ Firefighters
‣ Industrial workers
‣ Construction workers
‣ Agricultural workers


ARMOR is the real-time monitoring solution helping professionals in physically demanding sectors identify heat stress. By measuring biometric data during strenuous activity, ARMOR provides insight into core body temperature to avoid heat-related injuries.

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